Our Planning Process

Set goals. We will refine your goals until they are specific, quantifiable and have a timeline.

Assess your resources. We then take a look at what you currently have; your assets, liabilities, and income.

"We will refine your goals until they are specific, quantifiable and have a timeline."

Determine if resources are sufficient to meet your goals. If your resources appear sufficient to meet your goals, great, we can continue the planning process. If not, we will re-assess your goals and modify them to develop an acceptable plan based on your priorities and resource constraints.

Develop contingency plans. Your base plan assumes everything goes as planned. What if something goes wrong? We need to work out acceptable contingency plans for you and your family if something goes wrong financially along the way.

Build portfolios to meet your goals. We help you avoid the common investment mistakes people make and build portfolios that provide a high probability of success with the minimum amount of risk.

Monitor your portfolio. Unfortunately, you cannot just build a portfolio and then ignore it until you reach your goals. Different assets classes grow at different rates. A portfolio requires continuous monitoring and, when appropriate, rebalancing.

Review your goals and progress. It’s important not to lose sight of the big picture — achieving your goals — while monitoring your portfolio. Are your goals still the same? What changes have occurred in your situation? Are there changes in the taxes, financial, and legal issues that affect you? These questions need to be re-addressed regularly.

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