About Us

Honu Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor. We offer our clients financial planning and investment advisory services in a truly independent way.

"We at Honu Wealth Management want to be there for you whenever you have a financial question."

Honu Wealth Management offers High Net Worth Clients our services for a flat annual fee. Most advisors today offer either an Asset Under Management (AUM) fee or an hourly fee. We have found that the AUM fee structure provides an incentive to keep your money in financial assets that your advisor can manage (and thus collect a fee on). In many instances, it may not be in your best interest to do so. If you ask your AUM compensated advisor whether you should pay off your mortgage or keep your assets invested, they will make more money if you keep the money invested.

Also when you start the distribution phase of your life (i.e retirement) your AUM advisor’s compensation will be reduced as you spend down your portfolio. The problem with the hourly compensation structure is one of communication. We at Honu Wealth Management want to be there for you whenever you have a financial question, no matter how small it might seem to you. If you know that the “clock is ticking” every time you call us, you are less likely to seek our council on these significant financial issues.

For clients who choose to implement their financial plans with us, we provide access to very low cost institutional-type mutual funds not generally available to the public at large from Dimensional Fund Advisers and Vanguard.

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