Financial Planning

Life is complicated. You have many different issues to worry about each day for you and your family. We view financial planning as the process of making sure that you are as prepared as possible for the significant financial events that occur during your life. There are some significant financial events that we can plan for, like retirement or education, and others that are unforeseen like losing your job or the loss of a loved one. Some of these things we like to think about, others we don’t—but we still need to plan for them all.

"By understanding your priorities, we can provide you the best advice possible."

We start the financial planning process by asking, “ What’s important to you?” It’s only by understanding your priorities that we can provide you the best advice possible about how to meet your goals. We then examine your current financial situation. Just as a doctor takes your medical history before making any treatment recommendations, we need to have a complete understanding of your financial health before giving you any advice. Based on this information, we will propose a series of financial strategies. Finally, we prepare a Personal Financial Plan to be used in implementing your plan. If you wish to implement the plan with us and have us monitor how these strategies could be affected by significant financial events in your life, we offer our Investment Advisory and Wealth Management Services.

Financial Planning generally covers these six areas:

  • Current financial situation (cash flow, net worth, budgeting)
  • Investment Planning (portfolio review, asset allocation, saving for education, employee stock options)
  • Protection Planning (determination of needs in the event of a financial catastrophe, disability or premature death, review of insurance policies)
  • Tax Planning (minimizing income taxes, maximizing spendable income, tax advantaged investment options)
  • Retirement Planning (accumulation plans, use of IRAs, qualified plans, distribution strategies)
  • Estate Planning (Wills, trusts, charitable gifting, minimizing estate tax)

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